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How to Get Your Business Ready to Reopen

As we adjust to living with a new normal during the global pandemic of COVID-19, businesses are opening back up and things are slowly starting to go back to how they once were— with some adjustments. For businesses these adjustments include operating on reduced hours, working with less staff, requiring employees to wear masks and encouraging customers to stay six feet apart from one another through social distancing. But how do you get your business ready to reopen?  If you are a business getting ready to reopen or looking to make your business even safer for customers during COVID-19, we have some solutions to promote safety and slow the spread that can easily be implemented at your business.

What is Social Distancing?

The term social distancing has come into our daily vernacular since COVID-19 came onto our radars. According to the CDC, social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people who are not from your household. In order to practice social distancing, you must stay at least six feet (about two arms’ length) from other people, both indoors and outdoors. Social distancing is done in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially when it is practiced in combination with mask-wearing, hand-washing and avoiding touching your face, eyes and nose with unwashed hands.

How Can I Encourage Social Distancing at My Business?

You may have noticed that a lot of big, national retailers have started using social distancing stickers as reminders for customers to stay six feet apart, and easily mark how they can do so. In order to encourage social distancing at your business, first come up with a plan of action with the following things in mind:

  • Identify areas in your business where customers and staff tend to gather
  • If possible, think of how you can change the layout to make more space and avoid people being too close together
  • Think of areas where you can place a sign letting customers know they should be wearing a mask to protect themselves and your employees
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Using Social Distancing Stickers at your Business

Once you have come up with your social distancing plan of action, it’s time to start getting ready to reopen or start putting the advanced safety measures in place. Social distancing stickers are an awesome tool to safely guide customers and staff through your business.

Window Clings

Window clings are typically used by companies to share their business hours, but now can be used to alert the public that you are open and share any other details about your new safety measures, including:

  • Entry forbidden without a face mask
  • Please sanitize your hands before entering
  • Only x amount of customers allowed inside at a time.
  • Please wait until you are let in.
  • Keep your distance of at least six feet from other customers

The window clings are a great way to let customers know that yes you are open but you are also making their safety a top priority during this time. It’s a good way to lay out expectations before the customer even enters the store.

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Six Feet Social Distancing Stickers

The six feet social distancing stickers have become very popular among retailers in the wake of COVID-19. These are used in businesses, grocery stores, hardware stores, hospitals and so on. The six feet social distancing stickers are an easy way to remind customers about the practice while also helping them properly space themselves at the appropriate distance. These stickers are very helpful near the checkout of the business, where customers tend to stand closely to each other while waiting in line.

Arrow Stickers

Another way to promote social distancing is by creating “one-way” passages throughout your business. These stickers are extremely popular in grocery stores where customers tend to crowd both sides of the aisle. The stickers make sure that customers move in only one direction and they can be placed easily throughout a store on any type of flooring.

Floor Strip Stickers

Floor strip stickers are another simple way to ensure social distancing in your workplace. These stickers are long and thin and they clearly convey the message for people to ‘please stay six feet apart.’ The long stickers can even be made to be six feet in length so the customer knows exactly how far six feet is.

Sidewalk Stickers

As we mentioned, you may need to limit the amount of customers that come into your business. Sidewalk stickers make lining up outside a lot more simple for the customer. Sidewalk stickers are designed to be placed outside and they can stick on any surface, even concrete. The sidewalk stickers have an extra layer of protection that will protect them from weather.

Carpet Stickers

If your business is carpeted and you’re thinking there’s no possible way you can use social distancing stickers because they simply won’t stick to carpet, we have your solution! Carpet stickers can promote social distancing to keep your customers and staff safe. The carpet stickers are specially made to be used on any carpet and won’t leave marks when peeled off. These carpet stickers can last up to six months.

We can help your business get ready to reopen

Ready to get your business ready to reopen? We know that ensuring the safety of your staff and customers is the top priority right now. When you use tools like social distancing stickers to keep customers and staff safe, you are able to do just that while also letting them know you take their safety seriously and that you genuinely care about staff and customers.

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