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Direct Mail Mistakes

Direct mail marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing, and for good reason too! It’s effective and fairly easy to get the hang of. However, it’s also risky. You only have about three seconds when your prospect opens up their direct mail before they toss it away. That’s why it’s crucial that your direct mail is good enough to not only grab their attention but hold it too.

We’ve collected a list of common mistakes that just about everyone who uses direct mail makes, and this often results in frustration for you when you find your direct mail marketing failing.

Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Too much copy

Keep it short and sweet. Nobody’s going to take the time to read a book and it isn’t really necessary. Leave white space, keep it classy and short.

Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Sending everyone direct mail

Setting up a print job is expensive so it’s important to determine ahead of time the quantity you will need in order to reduce reprinting. When you run a print job again, you’ll have to pay for all of the set up fees and the printing, essentially paying a second, third, and fourth time for something you could have easily taken care of at one time.

When you set out to print a project, consider your current as well as your future needs. If you can foresee needing more of the same project printed down the road, reduce your costs by paying for more printed pieces now. While it will initially be more expensive than printing a smaller quantity, you will save money in the long run by not needing to pay all of the costs for starting the job over.

Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Not making it personal

One of the most common mistakes in printing is misspelled words. While it’s normal to misspell a word, if you send your design to print without fixing any errors, you’re just throwing away a ton of money because you’ll need to reprint.

Save yourself the time, effort, and money by having your designs checked and proofed numerous times by many people, including the client. Spell-check and Grammarly can help and should be used, but should not be solely relied upon.

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Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Not following up

One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to not follow up with the mail. Many people simply send it out and never touch base with the receiver again, however, this is the opposite of what they should be doing. I

f these people are responding to you at all, whether through social media, walking into your store or shooting you an email, you have to respond. They’re making an effort and approaching you, letting you know that they’re interested. Your job is to follow up with their initiative and send them back an email, respond to their social media message to simply contact them. Gaining interaction is crucial for any marketing strategy and it’s important that you always quickly respond when customers contact you.

Common Direct Mail Mistakes

No call to action

Your direct mail should have one clear and simple call to action. Your readers shouldn’t have to weed their way through all your text, trying to figure out what the call to action is and what they’re supposed to do.

Your customers should know what the call to action is from the start and know exactly what they’re supposed to do by the end of it.

Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Using it as a coupon

Don’t get us wrong. This isn’t to say that using direct mail is always bad, of course not. You just want to be careful who you’re sending coupons to. You don’t want customers that are simply looking to save some money. They probably won’t end up staying and it will just be a waste.

If you have prospects you should start by simply telling them about your business and then send them coupons once they become long term customers. There are other ways to get prospects interested and trust me, they’re the better option.  Like  to learn more about Every Day Direct Mail and how we can help you reach more customers?  Contact us today and we can craft a custom strategy for your business.

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