Every Door Direct Mail

If you’ve ever managed a direct mail campaign, you know the costs and you know the challenges.

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What you need to know about this powerhouse direct mail approach

If you’ve ever managed a direct mail campaign, you know the costs and you know the challenges. Even if you know and understand your target audience, finding those consumers can be tricky—lists get outdated fast, customers don’t always sync with their designation and, unfortunately, some direct mail houses aren’t as transparent as they should be. 

The end result? Massive direct mail campaigns that, despite your best efforts, aren’t as targeted or cost effective as they should be. And that’s a problem. 

All of this said, there is an alternative: Every Door Direct Mail. Unlike traditional direct mail which relies on your proprietary lists or lists you rent or purchase, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is run by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and enables brands, businesses and marketers to send campaigns to entire neighborhoods, versus targeting by specific demos.

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Advantages of EDDM

Opt for EDDM and, while you won’t be targeting households with preschoolers, retired homeowners or frequent luxury travelers, you will be getting your postcard into the hands of key neighborhoods. 

Depending on your business, that level of targeting could be enough. For example, if you’re opening a new grocery store in town, an EDDM campaign to neighborhoods in the immediate area likely makes sense—everyone needs groceries regardless of their demo and, chances are, people shop locally. Same goes for other local or broad-reaching products and services—house cleaning, car dealerships, local banks and shops, professional services, political campaigns, real estate agents, salons and spas, landscaping, doctors and dentists, and more. 

That, though, is just the beginning. By targeting entire neighborhoods, you save money. Buying or renting targeted lists can be costly, and if it doesn’t pan out, you’re back to the drawing board—on targeting specifications, messaging and strategy. Once your postcards are printed, USPS charges less than 18¢ postage per piece. There’s no added costs or hidden fees. 

By taking this low-cost, high-exposure approach, you’ll be able to engage and activate a local audience quickly and easily. You’ll also, likely, identify new targets and new consumers—again, especially for local or broad-reaching services, an entire neighborhood, community or town could be within your core audience. This can help you develop more targeted, demo-driven campaigns in the future that are even more effective and more efficient than ever. 

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How Does Every Door Direct Mail Work?

Integrating EDDM is simple. First, choose neighborhoods by carrier routes—USPS EDDM tool is the easiest way to do this. Next, let Spark Printing know how many postcards you need for you latest campaign—we’ll deliver them quickly, ready to be dropped at the post office. 

Once you’ve received your postcards, simply drop them at the post office and let them know they’re part of your EDDM campaign. They’ll be delivered as designated, on the date you choose. 

For planning purposes, assume about two to four weeks to execute you EDDM campaign, once ordered.

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Is EDDM Right for Your Business?

Thought EDDM is efficient and can be very effective, it’s important to assess your business, your audience and your goals to determine if this approach makes sense. If your business has a very broad audience—or if, realistically, everyone in a neighborhood could be a customer—then EDDM is likely a good go-to marketing campaign for your business. 

If, though, you have a niche business—you provide payroll services to medical offices, in-home tutoring to high school math students or you’re a home health aide program for disabled seniors, for example—you may not recognize the same ROI as you would with a targeted direct mail campaign. Also, EDDM is limited to postcards only. If you feel a postcard doesn’t align with your business or branding, you may want to look at more traditional direct mail marketing. 

Have questions about EDDM? Contact Spark Printing now for more information and to determine if EDDM makes sense for your next direct mail campaign. 

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