Printing Services for Healthcare

Within the healthcare industry, communication is key. But, sometimes, day-to-day tasks get in the way of true engagement with patients and customers.

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Spark Printing offers a wide selection of printing tools to create engagement and branding for your organization.

That’s where Spark Printing comes in. We’ve been working with healthcare brands, agencies and providers for decades, and we know what it takes to deliver high-quality, high-performing printed assets. From doctors offices to hospital, to insurance agencies, care providers, in-patient facilities and more, branding is an important part of your healthcare business. Spark Printing offers a wide selection of printing tools to create engagement and branding for your organization.

Brochures and Informational Guides

Our expert design and printing team can work with you to create brochures that communicate key bits of knowledge and information your patients need. Perhaps you want to provide a list of the services you offer. You can use brochures to help provide instruction to people visiting your clinic about the ways you’re supporting their needs.

Branded Magazines and Portfolios

When patients come in for procedures, they need to know everything about what’s going to happen—a custom glossy magazine or brochure can help close the loop. Magazines, or multi-page documents with high-res images and plenty of space to dig deep, help ensure your message and brand come through, while positioning you as a true expert in the healthcare arena.

Banners and Signage

Opening a new wing? Offering a special to new customers? Welcoming new staff or kicking off new services? Healthcare marketing on a grand scale will ensure you get noticed. Both indoor and outdoor signage such as banners can help. Designed to be a direct message to the community, large-format printing can attract attention and communicate high-value information to patients and prospects.

Large Format Printing for Walls and Windows

Beyond banners, Spark offers alternative large format printing, such as window posters and oversized wall photos on walls. These are ideal for getting the word out in a big way. Use this format for anything from indoor or outdoor posters, yard signs, and even informative charts lining rooms and waiting arcan communicate information your would-be patients need to know.

Direct Mail Communications

There are plenty of reasons to use direct mail. As a local provider, it’s important to brand your service as a key wellness resource. Providing helpful information, marketing a special clinic you offer, or simply offering a free initial service, can help to bring people into your door—and that’s easily communicated in a highly-visible, high-impact direct mail piece. We can help develop, print and, even, distribute targeted pieces.

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