How To Hang Your New Banner

Ordering a banner from Spark Printing is the first step to promoting your company, campaign, or event. But what do you do once you have your banner in hand? Hanging up a banner can be trickier than you think, especially if you’re worried about wall damage. Luckily, there are many proven ways to safely and efficiently mount any banner. Explore Spark Printing’s expert tips for hanging up your new banner.

Does Your Banner Have Grommets?

Grommets make installing a banner quick and simple. A grommet is a pre-placed hole that’s protected by an edge strip or ring. Grommets should be placed on your banner’s connection points. For most banners, this means you’ll find a grommet in every corner. If your sign is larger than around 2’ by 4’, it can be a good idea to add grommets spaced out along the sides. Outdoor signs that need to stand up to wind, rain, and other elements can also require more grommets than indoor banners.

Banners with grommets are easy to install because they already have reinforced connections. The grommet’s protective ring supports the banner’s fabric. Grommets let you put tension on your banner without damaging its fabric. Spark Printing offers a range of grommet options to make installation easy. Explore these common strategies for hanging banners with grommets.

Hang Your Banner From A Canopy 

Banners make a dramatic impact hanging from a canopy or pop-up tent. This installation method is great for festivals, parades, and other outdoor events. It’s important to make sure your banner is tightly fastened in these situations to protect against wind.

You can use rope, quick links, and zip ties to hang a banner from a canopy. Quarter-inch nylon rope is a great choice for most signs. If you have a truly large banner, look for 3/8 inch rope instead. 

Attach your rope or quick links to each grommet in your banner, then tie the rope to connect the top two grommets behind your banner. This rope line forms a dependable anchor for your installation.

Next, clip the click links from the top grommets onto the rope. Use zip ties to further anchor the top grommet holes onto the rope. Don’t pull the ties all the way tight yet since you’ll need to adjust them later.

Attach another section of rope between both back legs, around a foot and a half below your banner. Tie the bottom of the banner to this rope and add another round of zip ties. Tighten all the connections, pull the zip ties closed, and trim any excess materials. You can tell your banner is properly installed if it hangs evenly and is stretched tight.

Hang Your Banner On A Brick Wall

Banners are easy to hang on a brick wall, especially if you can drill into the wall. You’ll need a few people for level installation. Have two team members hold the banner against the wall where you’d like to hang it. Mark the grommet placements with chalk so you can find them later.

Next, use a drill to place holes at each grommet mark. Make sure you have an appropriate brick or masonry drill bit. Drive brick or masonry screws into the wall using a driver bit. Then simply attach the sign to the screws at each grommet. If you’re not happy with the placement, you can always take down the sign and drive new screws in a better location.

Hang Your Banner On A Brick Wall Without Drilling Holes

Drilling holes in your brick wall isn’t always an option. Maybe you’re renting the space, are setting up a temporary event, or simply don’t want to damage your wall. Brick wall hangers are a great option in such situations.

Brick wall hangers are spring-loaded clips that attach to individual bricks. These tools are almost effortless on walls where the bricks hang over the grout. If your grout is even with the surface of the bricks, scrape a small amount of grout away using a screwdriver or other metal implement.

Situate the hanger on the brick by arranging the spring clip onto the bottom side of the brick. Press up on the clip so its top teeth clamp onto the other side of the brick. That’s all you need to do to install a brick hanger! 

Install one brick hanger for every grommet on your banner. Just place each grommet on a hanger until the entire banner is suspended from the wall. 

When it’s time to take the banner down, the brick hangers are also simple to remove. Just press the spring mechanism until it releases, then take the clip off the brick. This method is easy and damage-free, making it perfect for situations when you can’t permanently add hooks.

Does Your Banner Have Pole Pockets?

Not all banners have grommets. Instead, some signs have a pocket for a pole. Flags normally have these features but you’ll find them on some standard banners as well. Pole banners are easy to put together. All you need to do is assemble the pole, slide it into the pocket, and secure the banner. Make sure to properly latch or weigh down your flag so it doesn’t blow away outdoors.

Explore Banners With Spark Printing

Banners are classic attention-grabbers. Hang a banner from your tent, canopy, or wall for instant audience attention. Spark Printing can help you design the perfect banner for your needs, plus provide advice on the best installation methods. Explore all of our options and start promoting your campaigns today.


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