Large Format Printing In Memphis


You have a big message to convey. 

You want to reach an audience whether they’re across the street or down the block. 

You need large format printing. 

Large format printing makes a statement. From one-time use signage to campaign displays, Spark Printing offers a solution for any and every application.


Banners are a big, bold way to share key information, branding messages and congratulations. They work well to create instant attention to promotions or events. Hang them inside to direct people from one area to the next or outdoors to communicate key messages over roadways or on buildings.

Spark banners can be customized to be any color or size. Add printed images, photos, or graphics of a wide range of styles. They work well for churches, schools, community events, or even as directional signs.


Canvases allow you to take a simple photo and turn it into a work of art. Preserve a photo of your kids or to share an image of your favorite pet. Canvases can also stand out as artwork in a commercial setting or be the feature image on a home wall.

Spark creates customizable canvas prints using digital printing methods. Choose the size, style, and features right for your space. Ask us about family portraits, wedding photos, and landscapes.

Trade Show Displays

Trade shows continue to be one of the best ways to meet your most likely customers—but standing out in a sea of vendors and attendees is harder than ever. It all comes down to your marketing power.

Our trade show display options are versatile, giving you something for just about any format you need. This includes backdrops, kiosk wraps, podium graphics, and table covers. You can also turn to us for all of your presentation prints, decals, logo-ed products, and much more. Make this the most successful trade show yet.

Window Graphics

Large, open windows are the perfect place to put your message to welcome your customers in. Our window graphics are easy to apply and provide a long-lasting, good-looking image on your large windows. Choose your business’s logo, promotional message, unique patterns, or interesting designs to capture attention instantly. Our window graphics work well for both temporary and permanent branding—they can remain in place long-term and maintain their bright color and clear finish, or can easily peel off when campaigns and promotions end.

Wall Murals

Turn large interior and exterior walls, hallways and other open spaces into stunning works of art—and powerful promotions—by installing a custom wall mural. Choose the right image and message to convey in this space. Then, let our expert team pull together the right printing material and format to ensure it can withstand the elements.

Wall murals are a good addition to retail locations but also work for corporate office branding, school and church messages, and within restaurants. They can be designed to fit any application or desired goal. Get in touch to learn more and to start designing your wall mural.

Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper can be designed with any color, finish, pattern or visual you choose, making it an ideal go-to to truly customize your space. Better yet, our custom wallpaper is easy to apply, without the mess and frustration of traditional products. Contact us to learn more about our wallpaper solutions, and to start designing your custom paper now.Contact Spark Printing to learn more about our large format printing options and to start designing your project.


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