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We print direct to substrate

We don’t have to mount onto foam core which means faster turn, less chance of damage and no chance it loses it’s “stick” in the corners

At Spark Printing, we can use this method on any materials less than 2” thick, including plastic, canvas and aluminum, leaving you with a dynamic finished product at a low cost.

Whether you’re adding artwork to a sheet of metal, adding a message to a stall door or creating a large-format canvas printed piece that captures your audience’s attention, get in touch and we’ll finalize your design and printing schedule fast.


Coroplast—corrugated plastic material—is an ideal solution for print jobs that require outdoor durability such as yard signs. Displays are made up of three layers of polypropylene plastic substrate.

Coroplast has a zig-zagged, layered plastic look and is designed to be lightweight and easy to store. Pieces are also more durable than other outdoor-ready options, and can withstand rain, snow and extreme temperatures.


Sintra is a PVC board that’s highly durable and ideal for point-of-purchase displays, exhibit signs, framing, interior and exterior signage.

This lightweight board is made up of closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that’s made into a sheet. The sheet typically has a matte finish to it and can easily be formed into a variety of shapes, with no denting or scratching.


Substrate printing on plastic is a common option with a variety of benefits. From very thin to thicker styles, it is possible to create an impressive display using this printing medium. It’s also possible to print on very thin plastic films, which allow you to roll out the image and adhere it to surfaces. No matter the format you choose, this printing approach is durable, low-cost and highly versatile.


Styrene is a growing option for those who need indoor signage, such as for smalls or trade shows. It is also a good option for menus. This material is very lightweight, but it can handle most indoor applications as well. Styrene is also a good go-to if you want to print bright colors or bold graphics.

Styrene substrate works well for large signs but can be used for a variety of applications. It’s durable for shorter-term use and not usually meant for long-term needs. Regardless of your use case, you’ll find this material to be extremely versatile, easy to customize and competitively priced.


Digital prints on aluminum or metal can be an excellent choice for long-term use. It is a bit more expensive because of the materials, but it can offer a much higher quality graphic and image. It can be a good way to display photographs and highly detailed images.

It is a heavier option, though, which means whatever it is placed on needs to be able to handle the weight. Aluminum and metal printing like this can be placed on a wall for an advertisement or a piece of art. However, it can be used outdoors as well to create stunning graphics, signage or outdoor display.


Dibond is a type of aluminum composite material (ACM) used for projects such as point-of-purchase displays, interior and exterior signage, structural signage, exhibits and kiosks. 

Designed for durability and usability, Dibond is made up of two pre-painted sheets of very thin aluminum. Inside the two is a polyethylene core.

Because Dibond is flat and approximately half of the weight of aluminum, it’s often a better for hanging. Dibond works well for outdoor applications because it will not bow or curve.


Acrylic substrate offers a clear surface that’s highly durable. Acrylic sheets are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, ensuring you always have the materials you need for the project—thickness can be customized to the project’s needs as well.

Acrylic can also be a good option for lettering, screen printing, and painting. Because it’s a flat, smooth surface, just about any type of finish can be applied and the finished product can be used outdoors or in.

Contact Spark Printing to discuss your substrate printing needs. We’ll work with you to determine the right materials and right printing method for any project.


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