Protective Face Shields

Get the proper protection for your staff and safeguard your company’s health with our protective face shields.

Custom Face Shields For Your Team

Coming face to face with a customer can be complicated in these trying times. However, there are steps to keep both sides of the sales counter safe. Our face shields provide the coverage your employees need to stay healthy on the job, no matter the distance. These work best when paired with gloves, masks, and other forms of sickness prevention.

Although some face shields can be hopelessly complicated, the foam strip and adjustable straps make this simple to wear and use. Your staff will feel more at ease and ready to get back into the world with these spacious and comfortable face shields.


Frequently Asked Questions About Face Shields

Can medical personnel use these to protect against COVID-19 in hospitals and other healthcare centers?

Our face shields are for basic personal protection and we would not recommend purchasing them for a medical staff. They serve as a measure for the basic public and although might have merit to health care providers, are not FDA-regulated nor are they personal protective equipment. They aren’t intended for any antiviral protection or disease prevention.

Is it difficult to take the face shield on and off? Are there specific steps I can take that will keep me safe and protected?

Yes, it’s easy to remove your face shield in a safe and simple way. The following steps will ensure your safety:

Putting on your face shield

  1. Before touching the face shield, remember to sanitize your hands to prevent cross-contamination.
  2. Pick up the face shield, bring it up to your face, and make sure the soft foam strip is resting comfortable on your forehead.
  3. Take the elastic band and slip it over the top of your head so it rests comfortably and securely.
  4. Take the straps and make adjustments so you aren’t at risk for face shield slippage or an overly tight fit.

Taking off your face shield

  1. Once again, sanitize your hands before touching the face shield, especially if you’ve been in a populated area.
  2. Without touching the contaminated shield itself, lift the elastic strap over your head and take the shield off.  Remember, only hold the strap.
  3. Recycle the shield safely.
  4. In case of further contamination, wash your hands one more time thoroughly and with care.