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Standing out from the retail crowd is tough in today’s brick-and-click landscape.

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True success comes from finding the right combination of print and online marketing to get your store front-and-center no matter where your customer lands—and that starts by understanding your customer and delivering on their wants, needs and goals.

Remember, Success Comes from True Engagement

To ensure your customers see your advertisement in the stack they receive each day, find a way to engage with them. Engagement occurs when you have a consistent brand experience that links your online and offline shopping opportunities.

At Spark Printing, we provide the tools you need to achieve this. We work with all types of retailers to create interesting, well-designed printed materials.

Consumers now shop online at an increasing rate. However, this doesn’t have to cripple your in-store sales if you know how to draw them in. They still look at ads, seek out coupons, and strive to see products in person before they buy. Our goal at Spark Printing is to give them the information and visuals they need to create that connection with your business.

The Right Omnichannel Experience Puts Customers in Control

Whether you’re a household name or a small startup retailer, effective marketing gives consumers the ability to have numerous touchpoints to your business. The more dynamic your marketing campaign is, the more likely they are to shop with you.

With our print medium, we can compliment nearly any online promotion to draw in more customers to your site or your store. This helps your business to:

  • Build your brand across all demographics
  • Create cohesiveness and a level omnichannel experience
  • Build loyalty with your shoppers
  • Grow your market share
  • Encourage shopping at any time, at any location

All of this equates to better bottom lines for your business—and shows why you need to incorporate print into your marketing plan.

What Type of Printed Marketing Is Best for Your Retail Location?

Retail print marketing has to reach all areas including in your customer’s mail, on the street, and in their pocket. Our team works to create a customized solution for each of our clients which may include…

  • Dynamic 3D printed material that stands out
  • In-store graphics to attract those driving by
  • Postcards and flyers for direct mail
  • Coupon books and discount cards
  • Branded coffee sleeves
  • Tickets for special events Indoor and outdoor banners to bring people in-store

We can also work with you to develop a print catalog or innovative brochure that educate customers before, during or after their first visit. Highlight special services and rewards programs and get customers to keep coming back—and keep shopping. Get in touch to learn more about Spark’s unique approach to retail printing.

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