Social Distancing Stickers

Help your customers and employees keep socially distanced with custom social distancing stickers from Spark Printing.

Help Your Customers Social Distance Effectively

As the world embraces social distancing in the age of the global pandemic COVID-19, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to find ways to enforce social distancing in order to keep their staff and customers safe.

At many retail stores, grocery stores, post offices and hardware stores, they are using social distancing floor decal stickers to remind customers about social distancing and show them how far apart they should be from one another in order to practice appropriate social distancing.

These stickers are very helpful when placed near the checkout of the business or store, where customers tend to stand closely to each other while waiting in line. But, they can be placed anywhere in the business that you desire.

Social Distancing Stickers

What is Social Distancing?

The term social distancing has come into our daily vernacular since COVID-19 came onto our radars. According to the CDC, social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people who are not from your household. In order to practice social distancing, you must stay at least six feet (about two arms’ length) from other people that don’t belong to your household, both indoors and outdoors. Social distancing is done in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially when it is practiced in combination with mask-wearing, hand-washing and avoiding touching your face, eyes and nose with unwashed hands.
Social Distancing Stickers

The Benefits of Social Distancing Stickers

Keeping the Distance

Social distancing stickers can be used inside and outside of your store. To be used outside, they can be placed out front where customers line up if you are enforcing a limit on how many customers can be inside the business at one time, to let them know the appropriate distance they should be waiting from other customers. To be used inside of a business, simply place them around the store at least six feet apart so customers can have a visual representation of how far away they should be from other people in the store. As we mentioned, it’s a good idea to have the stickers in highly-frequented areas like the checkout area. The stickers free up employees who otherwise may have to spend their time making sure customers are social distancing and walking around with a measuring tape to make sure they are doing so appropriately. With the social distancing decal stickers, employees are free to focus on other tasks and providing outstanding customer service instead of scolding customers for not properly social distancing.

Temporary and Permanent Solution

As we are seeing in all aspects of life, the changes to our daily routines that went into effect in Late February-March are still around. There’s no telling when the pandemic will be over and if life will ever go back to how it once was. So, social distancing practices, including stickers are the perfect solution, whether it’s long term or short term. The good news is the stickers can easily be removed if necessary or they can last for up to five years.
Social Distancing Stickers


During the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s important that business owners abide by best practices for hygiene while also spreading accurate and useful information to their customers. Social distancing stickers are an extremely simple way to do just that. The stickers can be placed all over a store or business to make sure that customers know that you expect them to abide by the CDC’s social distancing guidelines while providing simple guidance for them to do so.

Show of Solidarity

During these uncertain times, we know that business owners are appreciative of their customers and the business they provide more than ever. You can show your appreciation by taking the health and safety of your customers and staff seriously and with the highest priority. By using social distancing floor decal stickers during COVID-19, you are showing solidarity that we are all in this fight against the pandemic together and that you support flattening the curve and limiting the exposure to COVID-19 for your staff and customers.
Social Distancing Stickers

Spark Printing Is Your Social Distancing Stickers Headquarters!

No matter what kind of business or store you own, it’s easy to see that social distancing isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. You can order your social distancing floor decal stickers from Spark Printing today. We offer custom stickers that are durable and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our floor stickers are 100 percent customizable for your business’ logo or any other design or wording you’d like to have made.

Show your support and solidarity to your customers, staff and community and encourage them to keep one another safe and healthy by practicing social distancing with our social distancing sticker decals.

Social Distancing Stickers