Specialty Printing Services

Creating the perfect promotional piece is essential—but, sometimes, traditional printing methods fall short.  Spark Printing’s specialty printing services help you take your personal print jobs up a notch by layering in foil printing, spot varnish and other dynamic additional and formats. Get in touch to learn more.

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Foil Printing

Brochures are meant to be attention-grabbing while providing valuable information about your brand or business—in short, they’re the ultimate form-meets-function and a low-cost, high-impact way to get the word out.

Spot Varnish Printing

Need to create an elegant invitation? Want to add a bit of metallic shine to your flyers? Foil printing can help. Foil printing is the application of metallic paper—in your choice of color—to any printed surface. It can be done on its own or on top of any other printing you need completed. Foil printing uses heat and pressure to adhere the metallic paper to the surface. It’s a great way to add a monogram to just about any printed project.

Foil stamping can be added over any type of finish or texture including both glossy and matte. It’s possible to choose traditional metallic colors, such as gold and silver, or to select a metallic color outside of this spectrum.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

With purchase in hand, your customer steps up to the register to pay. Adding on additional items at this time is the perfect way to increase your real-time sales—and that’s easy to do if you have a compelling point-of-purchase display onsite.

Point-of-purchase displays can be any size and any style. They can be used at a countertop, but also can be placed on shelving or in aisles—either way, their specific goal is to draw attention to a very specific product or promotion so it can be sold more readily to the customer. Bright colors, excellent images, and clear marketing messages are a must when it comes to point-of-purchase conversions.

Magnet Printing

Everyone loves a magnet. They attach to refrigerators and other stainless steel surfaces with ease, and serve as a constant reminder of your brand and your relationship with that customer. Done right, a simple magnet can remain front-and-center for months or even years, ensuring you’re always top-of-mind.

Magnet printing works well for providing business card-like content to your customer so that he or she readily calls you when you need help. Schools can print calendars on magnets to make attendance line information readily available. Service companies can display contact information for customers to access in an emergency. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes with various finishes to get your information in front of your customers.

At Spark Printing, we focused on creating dynamic brochures that capitalize on your brand message while engaging and activating key customers. Choose from a variety of brochure designs, including:

  • Simple, double-sized brochure
  • Tri-fold, z-fold and half-fold style
  • More elaborate folding options include accordion, gatefold, and double parallel folds
  • An assortment of paper type and finishing features including matte and glossy finishes
  • Sizes ranging from 8.5” x 11” to 11” x 25.5”
  • Wide range of paper options including premium-quality glossy paper, matte and more 

Given the variety of design and printing options, it’s easy to create a fully customized brochure for your business, your products or any upcoming news, events and promotions. Lightweight and affordable, brochures can easily be popped in the mail without significant shipping costs or can be distributed at meetings, client engagements or events. 

Most importantly, though, brochures can be designed and printed to sync with your brand or business. From standard tri-folds to high-impact gatefolds, black-and-white to color, high-gloss to basic matte and a host of finishing options to make your brochure uniquely YOU, there’s no stopping your creativity—and no creating a brochure that looks like everyone else’s. 

Contact Spark Printing today for a quote or to request additional information surrounding your upcoming printing job.