Is Spot UV Printing right for your next project?

If you’re looking for a way to help your business materials stand out, spot UV printing is a unique element that catches the eye. Spot UV printing lets you add raised, shiny details to your designs. These additions have a smooth texture and glossy finish that offers dimensional interest to any piece. Whether you add spot UV to business cards, mailers, stationery, postcards, brochures, or any other printable, this service will grab your audience’s attention. Learn more about spot UV printing and explore applications for this feature with Spark Printing.

What Is Spot Printing?

Spot printing refers to any print application that’s only used in certain areas of your project, not the entire piece. This practice gets its name because only a few spots are printed. Spot printing is a great way to add interest to a piece without the normal cost of full printing.

Spot color is a common form of spot printing. If you’ve ever seen a black and white piece that featured one dramatic burst of color, it was probably made with spot printing.

What Is Spot UV Printing?

UV printing is a type of coating applied to printed products. This technique is also called gloss or varnish because it creates a shiny, smooth finish. UV printing is a specialty application that can be used in endless applications. This technique is flexible, cost-efficient, and makes a big impact.

UV printing involves a few steps. First, the material is printed using standard color or black and white techniques. Next, a coat of varnish is applied to the material where it will enhance the design. Finally, the varnish is cured or set using a safe UV light display.

The UV lights harden the varnish until it takes on a smooth, solid texture. Spot UV printing is durable, adds an interesting textural component to printed projects, and can call attention to the most important parts of your design. 

What Are The Benefits Of Spot UV Printing?

UV printing can accentuate your design, but it also offers a range of practical benefits. This method is ideal for pieces that will see heavy use, such as business cards, mailers, display materials, folders, and more. Explore the structural benefits of adding spot UV printing to your designs.

Long-Lasting Shine

The UV printing process involves varnishing your printed materials. This shiny varnish is durable and provides a clean, glossy finish that lasts longer than traditional printing options.

Smudge Resistant

Spot UV printing resists smudges, making it perfect for items that are often handled. You can enhance display materials, business cards, and other high-touch items with spot UV. If smudges or fingerprints do develop, you can simply wipe them away with a dry cloth.

Crystal-Clear Appearance

UV printing varnish dries to a hard, clear finish. Spark Printing’s accurate printing and curing process prevents bubbles, ridges, and other irregularities from appearing on your finished product.

Eco-Friendly Application

The UV printing method helps protect the environment thanks to its low volatility. Almost no varnish escapes into the ecosystem as a gas, making this application safe for the earth. If your brand values sustainability, you can still have stunning visual materials with UV spot printing. 

The Best Applications For Spot UV Printing

UV printing looks amazing on many projects, but it’s best suited for certain applications. The varnish effect is most dramatic on colorful or black paper, not white backgrounds. This method can help saturated prints perform well over time. Spot UV printing maintains vibrant original color and shines on printed materials. 

Spot UV printing is also best for thicker paper such as card stock. Varnish is applied in a thin layer, but it can add too much weight for magazines and other light paper weights. Spark Printing recommends card stock, premium stock, or heavy flyer weight paper for UV spot printing.

Consider adding spot UV printing to these products for an amazing impact:

  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Greeting cards
  • Presentation workbooks and folders
  • Event flyers
  • Invitations
  • Trade show collateral

How Do You Design Spot UV Printing?

Remember that UV printing is a spot technique. It works best when used on certain elements of your project, not covering the entire piece. Since the effect adds a glossy varnished finish where it’s applied, it can also change the appearance of your design. Sections with a spot UV finish may appear darker or deeper than the rest of your piece.

Spot UV printing looks best as a highlight. Use it to call attention to your logo, name, special product offer, or other design priority. You can also use spot UV printing to enhance backgrounds, patterns, and other features. The Spark Printing team can help you set up mask files for your spot UV design.

Explore Spot UV Printing with Spark Printing

Spot UV prints are a beautiful method to draw attention to your prints. This technique adds interesting design features to your project while also enhancing its structural performance. Contact Spark Printing today to explore adding spot UV printing to your next project.


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